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May 4, 2008
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Has anyone put their soap moulds in a cardboard box and surrounded it with bubble wrap to insulate it for 24hrs?

Would this be sufficient instead of old blankets (something of which I do not have)

Look forward to your replies.
I haven't done this myself as I never have problems with gel - but I have read about others that do. Beer coolers are used too for better insulation if your mold will fit.
I wrap my "mold" box with an old towel, tuck it in another box snugly with styrofoam from supply shipments and close the top. Never had any problems with up to a 30oz batch.

I put a layer of plastic wrap on the soap and cover it with a box. Fully gels in under an hour. ♥
Sandy Maine from Sun feather built "ovens" for her molds.. It's like sheets of hard insulation that kind of look like drywall, cut to size and ducktaped together to make a five sided box. then she puts a towel over the mold and puts the box over it... of course she's doing hundred pound batches, but I would imagine it would work just as well on a smaller mold...
Ive used a cardboard box, no bubble wrap...just poured into the lined carboard box mold, put a piece of wax paper over the top, put another piece of cardboard on top of that, then covered with a textbook and a towel...worked like a charm ! :)