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Oct 12, 2015
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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
The salt talk in the other thread inspired me to share another of my favorite things. It's easy and basic, but I never thought of it until somebody told me so...

Sriracha salt:
Pour some quantity of kosher salt (at least a cup) into a bowl.
Add sriracha and stir until a spreadable paste is formed. Should still be mostly visible salt crystals.
Dehydrate in oven or dehydrator until rock hard, completely dry and chunky.
Blitz in food processor to turn back into now-reddish-orange powder.

The result isn't terribly hot, but adds enough kick and garlic to make the salt interesting. I find it fabulous for things like hard-boiled eggs or as a finishing salt for anything that could benefit from a hint of heat and garlic.

Last year I packaged up a couple dozen in the 4oz quilted jelly jars (Ball) and gave them as Christmas gifts. They're good little gifts for people who you want to give something to without having to shop - mailperson, garbage man, parents of your kids' friends, etc.

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