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Aug 10, 2007
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Ok...I'll be posting alot today.

I didn't include to much in my introduction. I had to leave my former place of employment because I developed chemical sensitivities and major health issues. I spend the majority of my time within my home because venturing out can be difficult. One encounter with the right cologne or perfume can shut me down for days. I never realized how much I took for granted.

And naturally being someone who is sensitive to scents, I want to make soap :roll: I would also like to find if possible something that I can tolerate and my family members would enjoy. I have to isolate myself and not participate in many family functions because I can't handle the scents.

I find that many of the commercial product burn my skin. So I want to make something that is gentle enough for me.

Also I have dogs, many, many dogs. The problem here is that the grooming products I have for them can also be to harsh for me.

My goal is to make dog shampoos and soaps that are gentle and marketable. (This girl is BROKE and we need Kibble)

I hope to use EO's oil. I do realize that these can be harsh as well. I know I can do ok with Lavender and Citrus at this point.

Any help, input and suggestions will be great appreciated.


you know this one soaper.. she makes dog products... i remember when she started.. maybe she can help you. its just a thought..
give it a try..

Her name is Helen.. email her.. and check her site out.