Monday Morning Soaping rant

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Oct 29, 2014
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Eagle Point, Oregon
Found out I can't make soap today since I forgot that I have the chimney sweep coming in a half an hour and a friend coming after lunch. Plus, I had all my colors and FO'S set out to do the hidden swirl challenge and found out that my Crafters Choice, yummy smelling Mango Papaya FO has 1% vanillin, so back to the drawing board and switching to something else. This time I'll check the fragrance oils before I select my color palette.

I don't have any Holiday scents, so maybe I'll just use energy and do reds and greens. Time to check energy reviews to make such it won't accelerate for the secret swirl.
Not only a wrench in soapmaking plans, but it cost $75 for the chimney sweep to just look up the chimney and tell me it didn't need cleaning because the previous owners hadn't used it in years because there are no flues in this 100 year old chimney! So we had no fireplace to use unless we want to risk burning down the house. So it's either spend over $3,000 -$3500 putting in a gas type fireplace inside there, or line the whole chimney and insert a wood burning stove. Neither one seems reasonable at this time with a new kitchen going in late next month and just having added a new tiny combination laundry/powder room and big, expensive deer fence!

On the good side, I did get time after my friend left to re-do my soap recipe for the challenge. I'm hoping this 48% hard oil recipe with the new 28% lye concentration will not trace too fast for the secret swirl challenge!

I hate it when a wrench gets thrown into my soaping plans. Hope you find the time to get some done!