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Equipment For Sale Mold - just pay for shipping

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May 6, 2015
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Several years ago Mighty Mold had a contest on SMF, and I won this mold. I am trying to destash some stuff, and I really am not using it much anymore. It's a perfect size for one or two test/small batches. I don't want any payment for the mold, just the shipping which will be around $15.00. This mold is a prototype and some of the surfaces leave a light texture on the soap. It is easy to plane them off if this bothers you. I have never had it come apart or leak, but I will include a strap I use to put around the outside to keep the mold snug. I may also put some other destash item/s in the box, depending on how much room there is. I have PKO flakes that I have no idea of how old they are. I was given quite a lot and I generally don't use them. They seem fine and I did soap with them a few weeks ago. I also have some FOs I will never use. And there are probably other treasures I will turn up. If you don't want any random things to be sent, please don't put your name in.

If you are interested in this mold, either reply to this thread or PM me. I will wait at least through the weekend so more people have a chance to let me know if they are interested. I will put all the names in a hat and draw one at random. If nobody here is interested, I will offer it on my Buy Nothing group.

ETA: This mold is made of silicone, and each cavity measures 2.5 wide x 3.5 high x 5.5 in length. I am only shipping this within the USA.
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All that for $15?! What a deal! :thumbs:
Of course, I'm retired and not interested in adding to my too-many-molds collection, but just want to say @dibbles that's so very kind and generous of you!
Will throw my hat in the interested ring. This is perfectly sized for my batches 😁