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Aug 6, 2007
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Oklahoma, USA
I've noticed that some of you are looking for designs in molds that are hard to find or may not even exist. The sculptor in me is going "Hmmmmmmm, I can sculpt those designs." My question is what materials work best for your molds to be made from? Would silicon work, or a type of rubber? Both handle high temperatures well, both are flexable and the soap would not stick to the mold.

Btw, I am a mold maker, I make my own molds from my original sculptures so I have the technical skills to do this. Just not sure of the materials best suited for soap molds.
I think silicon is the medium of choice for most 3d custom soap molds. The problem with silicone molds is the cost. A single cavity mold will cost 20-30 dollars. When I pour I need to pour 10-20 at a time so it is cost effective. I need inexpensive multi cavity molds. There is a demand for specialty molds, I am not trying to put a a damper on your thread. Just a bit of devil's advocate.
Once I get past the test phase, I'd love love love to have a NICE horse mold. I've found a few, but I see them used a lot (ie Milky Way horse head, which is nicely done). I did find someone on eBay who has unique ones, but the expense is too much for me right now. My business name (well, what I'd like for it) is horse related.