MMS sample lotions...opinions?

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Feb 13, 2015
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Well as some of you are probably aware MMS sends out samples of their lotions with their orders....I call it a come hither approach.Of course the idea is to buy the gallon(s) and repackage. They're called blog samples. I, for one, am impressed with the 2 I've received, namely their head to toe cream and their goat milk cream. I see they are increasingly offering paraben free bases, which I know for lotions that's the number 1 problem ingredient.
Just wanting to know how people more in the know than I (which doesn't take much, especially for the likes of lotions!) view the quality of their lotions.
Many thanks to everyone here that has taught me so much over the last year!
IMHO, paraben free is a gimmick to sell stuff. I did a ton of research and had a discussion about it on another forum. The consensus was that parabens aren't terrible (heck, you eat it in your blueberries and mangoes) and paraben free products are just another marketing ploy. But, even though, if paraben free is what's selling, ya gotta go with it! :)

I haven't ordered from MMS in awhile. Their website drives me crazy and the prices are a bit high. But they were always nice and me being one state over I got my orders quickly.

I don't remember trying their lotion, but if you like it, get it. I found all their products to be top notch.
thanks Kathy! I'm in a very savvy area and everyone is very well informed of what the latest "nemesis" is....
I received a sample of their Head to Toe cream in one of my more recent orders, and I don't mind saying that I think it's very nice stuff. :)

Did yours come scented with Lumberjack? If so- what's your scent perception of it? I ask because me and mine think it should have been called 'Baby Powder' instead of 'Lumberjack', because it smells just like Johnson's Baby Powder to us. I was wondering if they mis-scented mine or something. lol

IrishLass :)
I haven't yet made lotion from scratch. It's a maybe give it a try at some point thing. And that is because I do use the MMS Head to Toe Cream and like it very much. I gift a lot of it (obviously, because a gallon!!) and everyone I give it to loves it. I like being able to fragrance to my liking to match the soap I'm giving as well. HTH
Yes IL it was their lumberjack....I liked it a lot but I can't say mine smelled like baby powder...definitely more piney/evergreen...
The MMS samples are nice. A lot of people add scent, and package them with soap/bath bombs/ etc for a package.

BUT, they also have the recipes available on their blog, if you want to craft your own -- FOR YOUR OWN USE.

Please don't sell any lotions you've made unless you've done all the appropriate challenge testing. But it can be a fun sideline for gift-giving. I finally came up with something for my DD's scaly, dry winter skin by checking out their blogs and recipes, and tweaking them.

I think the sample sizes are a great marketing tool. "Come hither" is exactly right. You get people to test something they wouldn't have paid for. I give out sample sizes of honey when I talk to new retailers. They can taste the product, see it, smell it, and are FAR more likely to sell something they've tried. It's a classic technique for a reason.