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Oct 17, 2007
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Carmangay, Alberta, Canada
I live in Canada and cannot find a lot of soap making supplies here, so I generally order through MMS and pay out the yingyang for shipping. Luckily my parents are heading home from Arizona next week and just happen to be heading through Utah.

My question is this....what are prices at Wal Mart in the US like for products such as coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil and palm kernal oil (if you can even buy those last two at WM)??? I"m just wondering if it is worth it to order through MMS or wait until I head to Montana next weekend and look for some of the stuff there.

Hi Kelly... I am in Saskatchewan. My older sister goes to Yuma, Arizona

every winter. I made an order from Wholesale Supplies and had it

shipped to her. Now it just so happens I was down there at the beginning

of March, so I brought 10 lbs of Palm Kernal oil (flakes) back in my

suitcase. I had ordered about 10 days before, just to be sure it got there

in time. I was thinking of ordering some more because she is going to

be driving back soon.

Wholesale has pretty good prices, so the shipping I paid was still worth it.

And I find that Palm Kernal oil is hard to find here in Canada at least at a

reasonable price.

Here in Saskatoon, I can go to a place called Bazaar & Novelty and buy

30 to 35 lbs of CO and PO. The PO is $95 for 33 lbs. I know because

I just sent my hubby to buy some today. Of course the CO is cheaper.

Hope that helps. Just some ideas. Just like everyone else I am always

trying to figure out how to get product cheaper.

The only two oils on your list that WalMart stocks are the coconut oil and the castor. Coconut oil will be in the grocery department near the other cooking oils, The brand name is Lou Ana and it's a white plastic 1-qt cylinder-shaped container with a green lid. Price has risen recently, it will be in the vicinity of $4 US. Castor oil will be in the health and beauty department with the laxatives. 2 oz blue plastic bottle $1.99 US.

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