Mixing lye ahead of time and a coconut oil question!!

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country gal

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May 6, 2008
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New York
#1. I have a container to store my 50/50 lye mixture in but it has ( after many attempts of cleaning) a lite fragrance to it. Will this be ok or will the scent carry through to the lye mixture?
#2. I was reading through a "squeaky clean" post, where the result seems to be in the coconut oil. It suggested lowering the sap value. I use SoapCalc, and I don't see where I can overide the values. If you already know how your soap is but now want to try it with a lower value, could you plug in an oil with the value you want and calculate it that way? Understanding that you could not use the bar values(hardness, cleaning...)because of the change. I hope that made sense. Other wise I have no clue how to calculate any of this on my own.

yes you can sub another oil that has the sap value you want to use.

or you can google aussie soap calculator and use that one to fiqure your formula. it already has the lower coconut sap value.


or find yourself a sap chart and fiqure it out by hand ( always a good idea to know how, incase your internet is down or you lose electricity or your computer goes wonky and you want to make soap and have every thing stored on the darn thing.

or yet another way is if you have the soapmaker program you can list it as a new oil and use the sap value u want.

Thanks Barb :D

I will have to find a chart and learn how to calculate the lye for myself. It shouldn't be too hard, right!!!!!
Country gal, the lite scent in your lye container will not carry on to your soap. I use a Gain detergent container with a spigot. Been using it for a year now, as it works perfect!

Paul :wink:

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