Mixing dyes - Looking for colorants


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Oct 20, 2016
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Hiya folks!

So I ordered the salt dyes from TKB. I tried to mix the blue and yellow to get a deep green, but I was afraid of adding to much and ending up with a staining problem. So it's more of a mint green right now =/

Does anyone know if there are approved green dyes? I've been going by this list here (referenced from this amazing article) for dyes, as I'd like to sell eventually and I'll want to go by the book as much as possible. I'm assuming there are, if the greens on that list as 'for cosmetics generally', right?

I tried mica powders, but I could never get them vibrant enough. And I'd like to not use polys if I can avoid them, so I'll stick to using them for painting with.

Any help is much appreciated as always :)