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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
If anyone purchases from Michaels, I purchase large amounts of yarn, they have the order online pick-up in store at 40% off the entire order of regular priced product. Sure saves running back and forth with coupons.

I purchase lots of certain types of yarn, since I make hats, hoods and shawls for selling in my little market along with my B&B products. This has been a great savings in both money and time.

They came out with a new yarn called Copenhagen that is replacing the wool eze I used to use for a hat. Wool just does not work well for chemo patients. Problem this yarn was .99 off the regular price of 7.99 so no go with the 40% off, but I looked today and the tiny sale it only good thru today. Yeah, if the 40% deal is still on tomorrow guess what I am purchasing :dance:

I am a yarn HO along with being a FO HO...

This morning I figured out my profit percentage for my hoods which sell like hotcakes and it is 85%. Love it!

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