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Mar 25, 2019
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ugh. I had an epic fail with trying to make a pencil line. I am almost positive that it’s way too thick. I had a big chunk fall off the spoon ( yeah, it’s all I had) when I was trying to sprinkle the mica in the layers. I did make some ridges in the first layer so it wouldn’t be completely flat, and I hope it’s gonna save my soap from coming apart when I unmold it. I used 30% water to lye, but had td in one half and sugar in the whole blend to make more bubbles. Right now I have it in the freezer to avoid rivers and gel because with those two I’m sure it’s probably going to get hot.

Here’s the recipe I used. It went to trace quick and I had the panic that it started getting to trace thick and I really couldn’t pour it nicely, but I tried as best I could. I would like suggestions and feedback on the recipe. It went to trace way quicker than I anticipated and I don’t like that! I’d like to know how long I will have to keep it in the freezer, and do you think it will slide apart when I cut it? If it stays together will the mica line crumble on a person when they use it in the shower?

It won’t let me post the image of soap Calc from imgur. Is there a post that tells you how to post images?

Here’s what I used
Mold size 36 oz
Super fat 5%
Water to lye ratio 2.235:1
Frag weight 2.43 oz
Avo oil 5% =1.80 oz
Castor 5%= 1.80 oz
Coconut 76 deg 15%= 5.4o oz
Palm = 20% = 7.20 oz
Shea butter 20% = 7.2o oz
Canola 20% =7.20 oz
Olive 15% 5.40

Additives titanium dioxide 3 tbsp mixed in water to 1/2 of batch
Black mica to 1/2 batch
Cantaloupe mica to create line
3 tsp sugar syrup to whole batch
Poppy seeds

Mixed with oils at 100 degrees F
Lye at 112 degrees F
Freezing to avoid glycerin rivers and to avoid overheating and gelling

Any help would be most greatly appreciated! Do you think my soap will fall apart at the mica line.

Sep 19, 2015
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Sth Coast, NSW, Australia
Don’t worry it will still make soap! :)
That’s 2.25 pounds of oils. So you added 3 tablespoons of TD to 1 pound of oils. I use about 1/2 teaspoon TD to 1 pound of oils.

For sugar try 1 tsp ppo.

Mica - for a mica line has to be a really, really thin coat. So you can still see the batter beneath it. Then it won’t break at that line.

I see no reason that recipe needed freezing. I see no reason it traced fast unless you took it a bit far with the SBing or used Pomace.

What was the FO? They can accelerate a batch beyond reason especially at 7%.

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