Methyl Silicone -- Anyone used liquid shortening to make soap?

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Apr 28, 2022
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Historic Triangle, VA
I purchased some Chef's Quality liquid shortening from my local restaurant supply a little while back and was just going to play with it this weekend. I went to a website to verify that it was actually lard with nothing else added to it, which was silly really because if it were just lard it wouldn't stay liquid now would it???? Anyway, it has Methyl Silicone in it -- while I'm sure that's safe to eat, does anyone know what it might do to my soaping? I was going to play with it along with my usual go-to plant-based oils like rice bran, castor, palm, etc.
I don't have any answers to your question, but I'm hoping that someone else who knows the answer might see this and respond. If you already soaped with it, please let us know how it turned out! :)
OMG! In a FOOD product?!? :nonono: You're sure this is safe to eat?!? ⁉️

I don't care which government agency in which country has designated this as 'safe' in food. Clearly, they are high / drunk / stoned / stupid - choose your adjective....
I understand you want to use it in soap....but for the love of all that is holy...restaurants are using shortening with SILICONES in it??

There are new abominations being visited upon us on a daily basis, I swear....
Some types of silicones -- and there are many -- are approved for use in food and have a good track record of safety. In shortening like this, silicone-based chemicals are added as defoaming agents -- they prevent the fat from foaming when used for deep frying. Fat with this type of defoaming agent is fine to use in soap.

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