Metal shelves, sources for signs/covers/etc?

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May 16, 2017
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South Florida
I'm guessing this falls under packaging? LOL

The store where I have my soap went to the regular steel retail shelving. I'm looking for the sign holders and such, but all I'm finding is having to order 100 of them. I only need like 10 ! Plus I'd like to cover the shelves with something, I know when I worked retail we'd get rolls of colored cardboard/plastic to peg down but I can't find anything to order. Has anyone dealt with this? I looked at uline and poked around amazon with no luck, and google is not my friend for this...
Yes, both those links Carolyn provides are products we used to line the shelves in the restaurant when we owned a restaurant after I retired. I still use the second mesh product to line some of my soap trays for curing soaps. The solid plastic is great for keeping the product off the metal. The second product is great for putting wet dishes on after they run through the dishwasher and may still be a tiny bit damp, because there is a bit of air flow under the items placed on the mesh. That's why I like it for my soap. And the mesh is really easy to cut to size, whereas the solid plastic sheets are not.

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