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Jan 10, 2008
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ok i have been trying to understand soapcalc... just been punching in numbers and seeing what i get out of it... so far i have a recipe ive created... lets say if i were to use:

65% olive oil

5% safflower

30% coconut...

i get these numbers:

h: 29
cle: 20
cond: 65
bubb: 20
cr: 9
Io: 75
INS: 143

how do those numbers look? i know that the creamy is low, and INS could be higher...what would this soap turn out to be like?? and if i used the sugar trick would that fix the creamy lather or does it matter much?? thanks!

what could i do to get these numbers in the acceptable range?? i have these oils handy: canola, extra virgin olive oil ( i know its not IDEAL) , safflower, and coconut...
I have an easier recipe i will try in the meantime!

thank you!
you are basically making what i call a bastille soap. it may be soft out of the mold and may need longer then 6 weeks to cure. if you give it a good 3 months or more it should be rock hard, i'm talking building brick or lethal weapon.

and you will have small creamy bubbles even if the numbers don't show it. it just needs that good cure time so the bubbles aren't slimy.

while i luv soap calc and use it all the time, it really doesn't do justice to some of the oils as far as finished products go.

olive is a liquid oil it gives a hard hard bar, it just takes much longer, and i find lard lends conditioning and hardness to a bar, it doesn't really give it the credit it deserves.

thats why we always say small test batches to start out with, you get the feel for making the soap and if you don't like the finished product you aren't out much ingredients.
ok i did my first batch!!!

the numbers I used were as follows...changed it around a little bit...

olive oil 75%

coconut (75 degree) 25%

1oz bees wax

15-20 drops lemon EO and some fresh lemon rinds chopped very fine (IMO best source for EO if you use citrus...I know this from cooking alot :) )

I did a 2lb batch and used

344g H20

127g sodium hydroxide

680g olive oil (extra virgin)

226g coconut oil

the numbers look like this:

hard: 31
cle: 17
con: 65
bub: 17
cr: 14
io: 64
INS: 146

It looks pretty good! I am going to post the pics up on another thread but its a nice yellowish color with little orangish yellow specs from the lemon rind (added at trace)

From what I can tell it went as well as it could have, I recognized trace (again from cooking experience I kind of recognize it like a batter when its thick enough...)

I cant wait to try it!!

what is the absolute least amount of time i could possibly wait??

thanks for the reply!

i bet if this gells you can unmold it within 2 days. it is sorta a wait and watch, until you know your soap formula and how it behaves. as soon as you can unmold it and not dent it with your fingers when moving it around, cut those bars. your best bet would be to take a bar and cut a sliver off to try it in a couple of days just to get it out of your system. cause the suspense will eat at you until you do. as long as it isn't lye heavy ( do the tongue test if you want, if it zaps wait a couple of days longer ) it won't hurt to try it out at the sink. but it will only get better and better with time.

then another sliver in 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and you'll not only see a difference in the bubbly but in the afterfeel on your hands after each time period.
how do i know when gel has been achieved?? its getting harder already I can tell, Ive been peeking in at it every 30 mins or so just to see the progression of what happens...

definately getting more rigid already....ahhh i cant wait to try it!!!
here's a picture of soap in various stages of gel.

it will heat up and become translucent and jelly like.


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