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Dec 31, 1969
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Please keep these rules in mind as you use our soap making message board:

1 - The Soap Making Forum will not tolerate obscene, racist or sexually explicit language. Personal attacks are not permitted. We reserve the right to remove posts that are abusive, hateful, or defame or insult anyone. We also reserve the right to remove message board posts that are off-topic or not in English.

2 - It is illegal to harass or threaten anyone. We take threats, harassment and stalking very seriously. Posts that might be construed as such may be deleted and made available to the proper law enforcement officials.

3 - Advertisements are allowed in the appropriate areas. Please visit our classified ads area. Please refrain frrom posting that are off topic such as get-rich-quick scheme. These posts will be removed and you may be permanantly banned from this message board.

4 - You may not suggest or encourage illegal activity. will assist law enforcement officials in any investigation of such activities.

5 - You may not use usernames that are offensive, that suggest illegal activities or that are meant to imitate other users. Any such names will be blocked from posting on our teacher message boards.

6 - You must respect the privacy of others. No posting of phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other private information. We discourage users from posting such information even about themselves, as we cannot control how that information may be used beyond our message boards.

7 - No spamming. These posts will be removed and you may be blocked from using our forum.

8 - You participate in these craft forum discussions at your own risk. takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted on this forum.

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