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That's a nice video! I'm envious I can never get my bath bombs to turn out when I try to make spheres, the first one comes together but all the rest the two halves fall apart
mine used to do that, i think it was the corn starch. when i started out i purchased a few molds and a recipe came with them and required corn starch. after removing it i never had much of an issue and my bath bombs never flattened on the bottoms. also the consistency contributes to the splitting when i had those issues. and thank you for watching the video :D
No cornstarch in mine I'm doing a basic:

1c citric acid
2c baking soda
1/2 c kaolin clay
2oz cocoa butter
1 oz coconut oil
.5 oz fragrance

although I'm considering adding an emulsifier and a surfactant to them
Thats the one I'm thinking about, yeah, I keep thinking its a technique problem like I'm not pressing and twisting the right way, because as far as I can tell my recipe is sound, and it makes great little puck shaped bombs