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Jun 8, 2020
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I know there are a lot of sewers/quilters here. I just read a post from Melanie's husband that she has passed. I loved her videos and began following her when I was l learning how to quilt after my friend passed a few years ago, and wanted to make a blanket in her memory.

I sent her a message in the beginning of covid to please post a tutorial on how to make masks, and she said that she would try to do something. Then she emailed me that there were a group of crafters that were willing to make and send masks to our hospital, and that they started a list of hospitals that wanted masks. Of course a tutorial came shortly after, showing us how to make several different types of masks. Nobody knew covid would turn into ongoing need for masks back then.

I don't know that I have ever been this sad about someone that I didn't know personally. She had such a great energy and a knack for seeming like she was directly speaking to you on a video.

Such a sweet girl taken way too early.

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