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Alright, Please can you check my math and make sure I am doing this right..

I am making a master bath of soap.. And I want to make sure I order all of the supplies I needed.


1 gal = 128ozs (8lbs of soap)
so 5 gals= 640ozs (40 lbs of soap)

If I made 3 large containers of 5 gals = 1920ozs
= 120lbs of soap

so if each bar is about 5ozs

1920ozs will make = 384 bars?

Did I do that right?
I just ran this thru soapmaker, and using Olive / Palm / coconut oils as an example, I got the following:

At a 15 gallon master batch, it will give you a total recipe weight of approximately 2764 oz (no water discount & a 6% lye discount)

This will make approx 540 bars @ 5 oz each.

Does that help at all? I'm not very good with ounces & pounds!
No just my oils in general that I was getting..

I wanted to make sure I got enough of each to make a master batch.