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Jun 13, 2008
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I AGREE!! neighbor (who is a master potter and a great friend of mine) specifically requested these. Clay is very drying to the hands and she had bought a massage candle in the past and loved the warmth of the oils but not the oil itself so much, so she asked if I could make a better option.
I played around with this, but as you said, it's really not a feasible option for a quality product in my humble opinion.
I would have suggested a paraffin dip for her and you could easily make that. Usually it's just a parasoy blend they use...

Oh, I thought you were using them for "other stuff" LOL. (you go girl)

Honestly, I never heard of massage candles, so when I googled them the other day based on your post, all I came up with was other stuff...

But I can see how they are good for your hands. I used to get my nails done (a long time ago when we were allowed), and they always gave you a paraffin dip and hand massage after they tortured your fingernails. I must say, the hot wax felt great. A little daunting sticking your hands in a pot of hot wax the first time, but it was great. I don't know that I'd ever do that again knowing that other people have had their hands in the pot though lol. So I guess the candle is a cleaner option as well lol.
Ewww - I have never been to a place that would not replace the wax each and every time. If I didn't personally see them opening a new bag for mine, I'd refuse it.

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