Making Simple Syrup of Aloe Vera Juice and Sugar?

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Aug 1, 2013
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I would like to know if anyone makes a simple syrup of aloe vera juice and sugar for soaping. If so, does it work well? I would store it in the refrigerator, and even freeze some for future use. But I would really love to cut out the step of dissolving the sugar in water and then adding aloe vera juice. It would be wonderful to make a batch ahead of time, and then just pour out the pre-mixed stuff.
I have a bottle of sugar and water simple syrup I keep in the fridge, it's been there since early December and is fine.

Where do you get your aloe juice? Its so expensive everywhere I've checked, aack.
I bought some at Walmart. $6.44 for 1/2 gallon, I think. I am trying to use it for label appeal, and maybe some benefit. I already have my masterbatched lyes made, so I can't put it in there. That leaves the balance of the water. Which I use to mix with sugar. Hence the question.

I am gearing up to sell, so I am trying many different "label appeal" options to see which is the least time consuming and fiddly for the most benefit. I have several base oil recipes now so that I can please different people with different skin needs. So, now I am onto additives. And swirls.
I want to start selling again, too. Didn't realize how much I missed soaping until I started again. Label appeal was why I was asking where you got it lol. Figured while I'm testing recipes , I may as well test with stuff I might use. School is killing me this term, that's why I want to do some masterbatching. Figured if I don't have to drag as much out, I could squeeze batches in easier.

I'm excited you're gearing up to sell! I love your contributions here, and how much testing you've done. I hope your business is a booming success!
Yep- that would work perfectly fine. Although I haven't made a simple syrup with aloe juice (yet), I make simple syrups all the time out of other things such as fresh ginger, fresh basil, and also the different mints that I've been growing in my Tower Garden. The syrups keep perfectly fine for me in either my fridge or my freezer.

IrishLass :)
Thank you all!

I am now trying to masterbatch everything. Lyes, oils, additives.

I figure if I can turn out 5-6 lb of soap a day starting in March some time, I might be ready for my first market some time in June or July. So, we shall see.
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You have to let us know how it goes. I'm not flying into Texas anytime soon and in the event I do go, I pray it's because of my job. I know exactly where I want to be too... Hehehe

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