Making infusions, anyone?

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Jul 9, 2008
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HI, does anyone make any infusions? I want to make my own vanilla infused oil and possibly calendula but I am not sure how to do it eg the quantities and times. Do I simmer the oil and botanicals or leave them in bottles for weeks or months? Eek, I don't know!!
from what i ve heard, alot of people will infuse the herbs or flowers in oils in clear glass jars and leave them in the sun for a few weeks, shaking daily...

you could also do the stove top method....

as far as amounts go... i like mine strong... usually ill fill the jar with said herb or flower, without packing ...and fill with oil of choice.

i wonder what the best way to infuse vanilla into oil would be??? probably on low low heat...suuuuper low...

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