Making a vegan sugar lip scrub, help?


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Oct 14, 2016
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Hi, so I have looked into it...and apparently sugar is not vegan. Go figure. 60% of sugar is refined with bone char (animal bones) and the other 40% is made with sugar beets, but they are often GMO beets unless otherwise stated. This is a problem as they are entirely un discernible. Your white sugar you buy could be cane sugar or gmo beet sugar. So I decided I'll make my sugar lip scrubs with beet sugar that's certified organic (albeit more pricey than cane sugar) because real vegans would appreciate it.

Now, the formula is the problem...My lip scrubs don't bind well and I cant use petroleum because of the vegan formula.
I've heard of people using soy wax to bind but Im not sure how much would be acceptable?
Ingredients on hand:

Beet sugar (exactly the same as cane sugar in appearance and texture)
Soy wax
shea butter
coconut oil

if anyone could help me figure out the percentages it would be great thanks...cant figure out how much to use of what

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