Making a neutral soap "base" for rebatching

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Aug 5, 2014
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I was wondering if anyone makes a "neutral base soap" which can later be used as the bulk of the soap for making specialty rebatched or even milled soaps. I would think that if making rebatched soaps it would be possible to combine a number of different base soaps to get the desired result (looking at base soap recipe for ingredients). This way specialty soaps could be easily made with difficult EO/FO's, colors, etc.

If anyone does this I'd appreciate hearing your point of view on this. Also whether there are any oils to stay away from or anything else that should be considered before making these bases. If you have some good recipes that would be great to know as well if you want to share!
I used to do that very early on, but it was very short-lived once I got a handle on CP and fell head-over-heels in love with it.

Anyway, the following link will take you to the page that I used the most when I was doing the method you wish to do:

IrishLass :)

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