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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
:evil: Ok, I'm not entirely mad...just a little disoriented. :shock: My background, I was a scientist begin with (now a massage therapist - long story) and now a budding soapmaker....we've made a variety of batches, waiting for them to cure and in the mean time I am working on making the "perfect recipe"! the scientist in me is doing the research and planning, but i am wondering if i am overthinkign and making myself unecessarily crazy. The INS, hardness, cleansing, conditioning, bubbly lather, creamy lather numbers are baffling me! Is there a source that talks about what a good range is for all of these numbers. The only one I've seen so far has been a mention that the INS should be near 160.

I've been playing with olive, coconut, palm, palm kernel and castor oil in a soap calculator and now i am ready to quit for the night.....

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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