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Mar 2, 2016
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North Carolina
Calling all MP soaping experts!
I'm planning a Soal Eater cp soap with MP embeds for eyes and jagged mouth, placed in a loaf mold of cp soap colored black with AC. I'd like to use clear MP base for the red embeds.

First of all, do you think this can be done? For instance, practically speaking, would a thin sheet of MP be malleable enough before it gets completely hard, to get the zigzag shape of the mouth?

For the half-moon eyes, I was going to use a 3/4" column mold sliced in half lengthwise. Can I get that black streakiness into the red when I pour into the column mold? From what I've read and seen, swirling colors in MP can be tricky. If it's even possible, what do I need to know about the pouring technique?

Should the MP embeds be cured or dried in some way, or will they be ok to pop into the cp soap as soon as they are unmolded?

I do plan to try to prevent gel in my cp soap so that the heat of saponification doesn't melt the embeds. Is there anything else I need to be aware of with putting MP into a cp soap base?

Thanks for any pointers you think I'll need.


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Jun 19, 2014
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I think I would pour a thin sheet, cut into strips the length of your mold and make " V's". Use some clear MP to glue them together to get the shape of the mouth. As long as they are not very warm, you can insert them into your CP.

Depending on the brand of MP you are using, they have a melting point between 110-117 degrees. I would think if you refrigerate to prevent gel you will be fine. (You can always call your supplier to find exact temps for the brand base you are using).

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