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Aug 24, 2015
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Pasadena, CA
Yesterday I had an adventure in sugar/salt scrub making. I never made a solid form and wanted to give it a go. I had 3 different soaps to experiment with. The 1st was a solid Castile ImageUploadedBySoap Making1442158198.893998.jpgImageUploadedBySoap Making1442158207.978136.jpgImageUploadedBySoap Making1442158217.945580.jpg bar by Dr. Bronner, peppermint. Omgosh, the smell was overwhelming when it was melted into my oils. The final result of #1 experiment I ended up with a loose sugar scrub. I used organic sugar and raw sugar, for oils I used avocado and olive oil. For #2 I used an interesting triple milled Dead Sea Salt Mud bar. I did the same mix w the oils and this time just used the organic sugar. I ended up with loose sugar scrub, still usable and quite moisturizing! The 3rd experiment I used my m&p in a double boiler with the same oils. I used both the organic sugar and raw. The 3rd turned out awesome! Now I have 3 kinds of skin scrubs and learned a lot in the process. The 1st 2 experiments i tried using short intervals in my microwave.

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