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Aug 5, 2015
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It's been years since I've last made a batch of cold processed soap.

I purchased a bb quick mix kit to get my feet wet again.

I remember to add my cooled down lye water to my oil mix once the lye water reaches 120*.

My question is Do I have to get my oil mix also @ 120*? Do both the lye water n oil.mix have to be within 5* of each other ? Or just the oil whatever temperature as long as it's thoroughly melted ?
Does it matter if the lye water and the oils are the same temp? Do they need to be within a similar temperature range ?

Should I wait until both the lye water and oil are both 100*?
Thanks !
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They don't need to be the same temperature, but having the temps within a similar range is not a bad idea if you want the starting temp of the batter to fall within a particular range.
Went pretty decent.

Tho I didn't recognize trace at first and kept blending. Added in the FO and gave a few bursts with the ol stick blender- next thing I knew it was thick as Greek yogurt
It was too thick to poor :-(

Unmolded 1 a little too early.
Wondering if I should fill in the space with color if it's worth it? Lite trace / w coloring?


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