Lye/water cooling

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Keep your gloves and goggles on, walk carefully and hold the lye with one hand on the handle of the container and the other hand underneath it.

Jeez, we're gonna have a hundred threads all about your big day!!!
Well, the scarey part's really not over until the mold is in the curing room. :lol:

Please do wear your goggles & gloves while you mix the lye/water with the oils 'cause that stuff can go airborne very easily.

Keep on your gear till you've put the mold down in the curing room - you can still get live lye on you if it gets on the outside of the mold while pouring.

You're doing just fine!! I'm excited for you. Let us see some pics when you're finished ok?
Actually I think it is highly important, even critical, that you sleep in your lye gear: goggles, face mask and gloves.