Lye-based soap vs. synthetic detergent for dogs

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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
Okay I cannot get over how good my pupper's coat looks after using my shampoo. I've used so many different brands including Burts Bees, Mane and Tail, & even coconut oil for moisturizer & shine and her coat has never looks THIS good!
I'm trying to resist the urge to post all 6 pictures of her looking so fine😍
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Gorgeous! Great looking coat. Even if the shampoo brought out the shine, I'm guessing you are also feeding quality food and promote an active lifestyle.

Veterinarian here! Your formula looks great for dogs! I'll be interested to hear if you like it--and if your puppy does, too.

I also wanted to chime in--you correctly seemed skeptical about the wisdom of using EOs on cats. It isn't controversial in the medical field: the major liver enzyme pathway that the rest of use to break down chemicals (including in EOs) is pretty limited in cats. They don't tolerate a lot of things that dogs can handle. It's why if you put a flea collar made for a 12lb dog onto a 12lb cat, the best case scenario is a day or two of generalized seizures. Anyway, I don't know of any proven "safe" EO for use on cats. Here's a quick little summary from Hill's (I am not endorsing Hill's. I am just sharing an article for anyone who comes across this thread and wants more information): Essential Oils for Cats: Are They Safe?

Thanks for starting this thread!
Thank you for your information. So are the Jackson Galaxy Holistic Solutions products safe? They are supposed to be designed by a vet for use in cats. I sort of assumed that the 'essences' were EOs, but I looked up the difference between 'essence' and 'essential oil' and found they are not the same.

I've bought a leave on product for cleaning cats and dogs that is scented with vanilla extract. I use it on my dog and I think it is the only product that doesn't make him sneeze. Do you think vanilla extract is ok for cats, @Sarah B? The label says pets can lick the product from their fur and it won't cause them any harm.
What I read about vanilla extract and cats is that the alcohol content (35-40%) is what is really dangerous, but where on the ingredient list is the vanilla extract? Is it high or low on the list?


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Feb 17, 2020
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Ingredients are "purified water, grain alcohol :eek:, germicide agent, hydrating protein, fragrance and preservative." Only the description mentions vanilla extract, so it must be hidden as fragrance. A co2 extract maybe?

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