Los Angeles - PET bottles & travel deodorant tubes


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Jun 10, 2011
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I am having a garage tomorrow Saturday Aug 27 in the Los Angeles area. If the following might be of interest to you message me and I will send you a link with the graigslist add that has my address. We are also selling garden equipment and tools.

Most interesting to this forum:

I have 100+ 4 and 8 oz PET bottles as shown, brand new. These are very nice for sauces, syrups and different B&B products (liquid soaps, massage oils, etc)

The tubes are 3/4 oz, ideal for travel sized deodorants, I have also used them for solid perfume, solid lotions and cuticle balms.

These are $0.50 each or 10 for $3. Bring your own container or bags to hold them.

I also have Potassium hydroxide at the incredible low price of $0.50 a lb, bring your own container.

The sale is in the Altadena area (north of Pasadena). Message me if interested, sorry about the short notice.

MiniDeodorant tubes.jpg