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Jul 20, 2013
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Bardstown, Kentucky
Hey Everyone...

I've been making Loofah soap for about 2 years now. I am now starting to have issues. Here is what I have always done.

I have (2) approximately 12-16" piece of PVC Pipe (not sure of diameter. I'm thinking it's 2". I do Cold Process so it makes it a bit tougher.

Anyway I have always bought my Loofahs from:


(no affiliation, but they have great loofahs and you can buy them sliced already. Plus they have all the different types of Loofahs.)

I use the hard loofahs because I like how exfoliating they are in the shower.

So this last batch I bought them they had a larger diameter. I am completely unable to get them in my PVC pipe. And if I force them I'll never get them out of the pipe. So my last batch I experimented with putting them in my loaf molds with a bit of the loofah sticking out. One batch was too thick of a trace and did not permeate the loofah. The other had so much soda ash and was brittle when I cut them.

I also tried putting pre-sliced loofahs into a silicone mold and they also were rittled with soda ash.

Does anyone have a better method?

I like the thought of using my loaf mold so they are easier to get out of mold and slice. I've seen a couple of videos where people did CP in silicone molds and they turned out nice. Just didn't know if the trick was a super light trace. Or if maybe pre-soaking them would work better.

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