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Nov 14, 2010
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I make lip balm from my own personal recipe, and a lip scrub/lip butter combo set that I've tweaked from a basic recipe from WSP. But I've never made lip 'gloss'....
Brambleberry has these adorable lip gloss tubes in their new Soiree collection:
AND some interesting additions to their flavor oil line:
With the current flat-rate shipping of $7.50, I couldn't resist buying 50 lip gloss tubes, the rose gold mica, and the Flavor sampler set!
My initial thought was to create my own lip gloss base from a blend of castor oil, fractionated coconut oil (MCT), and rice bran and/or avocado oil. But then I wondered if the mica would stay suspended in this blend without having to constantly shake the tube?
I knew TKB had an extremely popular lip gloss base that obviously works with their micas (of which I have a ton), so I ordered some of that and some of their Oil Fusion to thin the base out per their recommendation.
Obviously I'm going to be doing some experimenting here, but I was curious if anyone has used the TKB stuff and your thoughts on this product. Or if anyone has used a similar blends of oils as the ones I've mentioned above for lip gloss and how they performed with micas.


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Jan 3, 2016
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It sounds like that should work.

Somewhere I have a recipe for “lava lamp” lip gloss, possibly from WSP. If I remember right it was 1/2 FCO and 1/2 glycerin with mica added to the glycerin. It absorbed very quickly and left very little shine unless you maxed out the mica.


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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
I make my own lip gloss base that I package in clickable lip pens like these. I do add lip-safe color from TKB, but not the micas.....I've just always used their liquid pigments instead. Having said that, though, I do believe my base is viscous enough to be able to suspend mica if I were so inclined to add some.

For what it's worth, the base that I make is based on some of the recipes I found on the MMS blog for lip gloss (which are awesome, by the way), and it includes oils, butters, lanolin, and double refined candelilla wax. It has a lovely consistency that is thicker than your typical castor oil, but thinner than Vaseline. I suppose the best description I can come up with is that it is 'jam-like'.

If you find that your oil-based gloss is not thick enough to keep your mica suspended, just add a little wax to thicken it up some.

IrishLass :)