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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello everyone

I made a batch of a leather treatment balm with 80% olive oil, 20% beeswax. It works well enough. But then I also needed to oil my kitchen table and realised that the recipes were pretty similar. Then The Admirable Lady was in dire need of some lip balm, and it fitted the bill!

That said, I am now thinking of adding in some lanolin and/or tallow - what sort of amounts would be a good starting point? It is a good consistancy at most temperatures, so I think any changes need to come mostly from the beeswax unless I am adding in more soft oils.

Talking of soft oils, I am also considering putting in a touch of Pine Tar to one batch (might mean that it is no longer an emergency lip balm!) to add some colour to anything that is waxed with it, wood or leather.

What are the thoughts?

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