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May 13, 2017
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Spring is nearly here and goat's milk will be ready I'm wanting to change my recipe for soap making to an all lavender please help and advise me on how I can extract the ginger from my recipe and have it all lavender Thank you for all your sage input in regard to helping me
present recipe:
25oz coconut oil 1.56
25oz olive oil 1.56
18oz goat's milk 1.13
7.5 oz lye
48 oz lard
this is what I use now lavender and ginger
this is quoted
For your recipe I would use 3.6 oz Lavender and 1.4 oz Ginger. The 1.4 oz Ginger is for the strong setting which is approx 4% of your oils. You have to be careful with ginger since it can be irritating , it also accelerates and heats up in soap cp soap
Now this is what someone wrote that I should do:
For Lavender Essential Oil in 78.00 oz of Cold Process Soap
medium 3.32
strong 3.90
Thank you again for your learned advise
I base my usage rate on the weight of the oils, and would use lavender at up to 5% of the total oil weight (in your recipe the combined weight of the coconut oil, olive oil and lard).

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