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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
Since I have continuously bothered everyone with my concerns over my daughter I am happy to say is home again and hopefully to stay now. She did have another short round in the hospital a week or so ago with another surgery but it appears they have finally eradicated the Sepsis. I am still very guarded with my excitement but she had an extensive blood panel done yesterday another MRI and an X-ray with no active infection showing up. It did come up with her C-protein levels out of site which the doctor believes is due to the long-term infection kicking up her RA. We are hoping only two months of an uber biological med with get her numbers back to normal levels since I just cannot afford the medicine for longer. I looked back she had fought this infection since last August ending up in the hospital in Nov.

God sure had other plans for us when we originally sold our house and planned our move. Without the sale of the two houses Cheryl simply would not be alive today due to our lousy medical system. And remember they have insurance... Very sad
That's wonderful news about your daughter. I'm glad to hear she's back home and recovering. Wishing her continued improvement and sending positive thoughts your way.

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