Lard vs Tallow


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Which do you use more often, if you use either?

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Jul 31, 2015
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South Dakota
Do you find a lot of laypeople are turned off when they see or hear that you've used lard in your recipe? Does it cost you a sale very often if someone sees lard (or sodium lardate) in the ingredients?
Surprisingly, even living in a high ag area, a lot of customers don't know what lard or tallow are. They will ask, I will tell them, and they still buy the soap. The only time it has cost me a sale is when someone is vegan/against animal products. It seems like I am getting asked more often "do you make vegan soap" so I am working to formulate a recipe that works the same as my non-vegan soap. This way I will have some products to appeal to the non-animal fat crowd, but still make the peeps who don't care happy by getting the same quality product.

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