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Dec 3, 2007
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Does lard take longer to come to trace? I just made a batch with 50% lard and it took FOREVER!!!!!
I have not used that much in a recipe, but have not heard anything like that as I recall. I do love lard. In the words of Emeril; "Pork fat rules! BAM" :lol:
Its only my second time using lard, and it seems like the last time took a while too. Or maybe its because it was only a 1 lb. batch....

I agree, it does make for an awesome bar of soap!!!
Ive made a few batches with Lard and havent seen any differents in the time to trace. Are you use a stick blender?
could be temperature related?

BTW I really liked the way your wine soap came out..
I was wondering if it could be temp related too. Especially since I split the batch before trace so I could mix colors and swirl. (My first swirl btw, maybe I'll post pics later)

I'm glad you like the wine looks a little funny, but I got over that after I used it the fist time :)
Here are pictures...didn't turn out so bad considering it was my first time for a bunch of things: swirling, lab colors, titanium dioxide.


You did good, I like the swirl and the color.

Paul, Thanks Ive been kinda working on a name.
Looks great, Super Phat! :D :wink:

Neil, I love the name, the Heron emblem and the colours! Do you have a web site yet? I'm going to Google that name to see. :) Cool! 8)


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