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Jun 5, 2008
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Sebring, Florida
Hi there everyone!

This is one of those questions that I think will benefit most every newbie on the forum. *drum roll please* :p

Since postage costs are such a treat lately, I wonder if some of you might give me a recommendation of just a few quality and good price places where I can get pretty much what I need to start on this soapy journey that I find myself embarking on..........

I am planning on starting with cp soap, lip balm, and solid perfume. Rather an odd trio, I realize, but there it is................

The rather dizzying array of suppliers with an even more head-spinning variety of STUFF makes me rather confused, to say the least!! :?

Any help with this pithy problem would be ENORMOUSLY, GIGANTICALLY, WONDERIFICALLY, STUPENDOUSLY, AMAZINGLY, MARVELOUSLY, ECSTATICALLY appreciated. 2 minute penalty for superlative overload......................... :p

thanx oodles,

Della :D

PS~~this journey will be leading to bizville rather than the more relaxed town of hobbyopolis................ :)
Not an odd trio of products at all.

You can formulate recipes for soap with items purchased in your grocery store.

Olive, canola, vegetable oils can be found anywhere. As can Lard and Tallow.
Walmart supercenters carry coconut oil. I get my palm in a health food store.

Read through the boards to find recipe help.

Good luck!
WSP: (everything)

Note that WSP runs Fragrance & Flavors which has FREE SHIPPING via UPS ground. They sell only FOs at the F&F site.

Mountain Rose Herbs (everything)

Soap Supplies: (colorants, FOs)

TKB Trading: (colorants)

I've added only suppliers I have personally purchased at. I'm sure there are tons of other good ones.

I think it's a good idea to try to locate good suppliers that are closest to you, because you'll get your orders more quickly due to shorter shipping distance.