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Jul 21, 2014
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I can mix my lye water in a glad throw away plastic container with the number 5 in a triangle on the bottom, right? Since I started last August, I've only used a stainless bowl...tonight I'm in a hurry and am short a bowl, so I was thinking of using the glad container. Thx all!!
I use a #5 pitcher without any problems. Is your container thick enough to not get bendy when it's heated? That would be my only concern.
I use the tall Ziploc containers to mix my lye and no problems with it. I do put them in the sink just in case. A couple of them I've been using for almost a year and no leaks.
Thx all. It would've worked, but I switched one batch of oils out of my stainless into a plastic to free up the stainless. I need to warm it to dissolve the sodium citrate (i have issues with it dissolving, must be user error lol). Anyway, I wanted the stainless to dissolve it and then add the lye into which I do on the burner Thx again, though :)