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Oct 10, 2010
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I have used their FOs a few times. They have decent prices and shipping wasn't too long. They were bought out by WSP, so the processing and shipping times might increase. The FOs are hit and miss. Some are great, strong OOB, and behave/last well in soap.....others not so much. Most of the reviews are for use in candles, thus not too helpful for soap makers.

I have not personally used this FO, but I would assume this will turn. Vanilla stabilizer many times will work in the short term but eventually leads to discoloration.

FOs from them that I had issues with:
Starbucks Roasted Coffee - doesn't really smell like coffee OOB, and completely disappears in CP soap
Cuppy Cake - fine in anything but CP soap, the scent changed and smelled like play doh in soap, it also discolored a lot
Cherry Bomb - not terrible, but reminds me a bit of cough syrup, it's very strong
Hazelnut Cappuccino - smells fine, but fades quite a bit in CP


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May 12, 2020
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Thank you! I was thinking of seasonal soaps hopefully used up before discoloring strikes
If you're selling or gifting your soaps, never assume someone is going to use it up quickly. Some people buy that kind of thing to display in the guest bathroom, or scent a drawer, not to use. Especially more decorative soaps. Just so you know. (My mother is one of those people.)

If you don't use vanilla stabilizer, you will have discoloration before the end of cure. If you do use it, results will vary all over the place depending on how much vanillin is in your FO.

You can try adding titanium dioxide to soaps that only discolor a little bit.