Just a pretty picture makes you want spring

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Dec 7, 2007
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Thought someone might want to see my hobby. I would love to have this for a regular career. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a nature photographer and do this all the time. How serene would that be? Talk about stress free!!!

Cumputer backdrop

:lol: Hey Dragonfly, I did the same thing. Its my back ground picture as well. I thought it was so beautiful. I took this at the Butterfly Palace in Branson when we went a couple mos ago. Glad you could use it. I am feeling better, you know how it goes now that I feel better Paul's having issues. Its what makes the world go around most the time to fast.
Phyllis you are an amazing photographer. I've noticed some of
your others as well. That picture just makes me feel calm looking
at it. I love pictures and I am a very visual person. Keep them

Talk about sickness, I am on my second cold in the last month
and I normally don't get sick very often. But I will not give in.
You guys take care.

Very nice photograph, wonderful color contrast. we dont have those here.

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