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DucknBear Gracie

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Feb 4, 2021
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Devon, UK

I feel like I need to talk about my latest soap and get my disappointment out my system a bit and have a little vent (anyone else get caught up on stuff like this??)

I made pride soap, and I love the colours, however my orange layer has this pale area from the heat from the red layer, the whole layer faded slightly, but i don’t mind the colour anyway (i’m absolutely certain the pale part isn’t uncoloured batter, even though it does look a bit like it - I was sure to be very thorough with my mixing as I wanted absolutely solid colours - it’s worse on other bars, the closer to the middle the worst the pale bit, which is why I’m sure it’s from the heat) - the purple and blue also thickened super quick as everything was a little too warm (soaping in a new space and it’s a lot warmer than i’m used to) so it’s not perfectly even at the bottom - I made the soap in 6 parts, you can see the layers get straighter as I figure stuff out

I just need to get used to soaping in here and figure out what works best in my new space I think, I didn’t realise how big of a difference moving into a different space would be after soaping in my kitchen for almost 2 years! Also this room does tend to fluctuate in temperature, if anyone has any advice on dealing with that please let me know!!

Also maybe look for a different orange mica, it seems to be a bit more delicate than my other micas, i’ve used it before and it faded a bit, i’ve just never had it be so dramatic!

I think it’s just gotten to me so much as I finally have my very own space to make soap and prints and other crafts I love to do and they were my first proper bars i’ve made in here (i have made lots of smaller tests) and it didn’t go perfectly (also had a busy week, probably also tired and over emotional lol)

I love it still and I loved making a soap that represents part of me, it’s just a little disappointing I guess!

Oh man, I apologise for how badly this is written! I really just had to get the words out my brain! I found a pic of an old rainbow soap I made, it was when I was first experimenting with different colourants (can’t remember what colourant these were with, it wasn’t mica, looks oxidey though maybe?) something about seeing how far i’ve come and how much i’ve learnt made me feel better some how
(also very impressed by how straight my layers were back then lol)


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Don't be disappointed - your soap is lovely. Oranges are tricky, but I think yours is plenty bright enough. I don't know what exactly caused the whitish area between your red and orange, but if you did six mini batches for your layers it may be the mysterious 'halo' effect happening.