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Jul 20, 2015
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Bay Area, Ca
Hello all,

Over the weekend I made a couple of soaps, one being an oatmeal stout beer soap that turned out pretty nice (pic attached for proof :smile:). This got me thinking of my favorite smells while brewing beer, HOPS! I love the juicy grapefruit, piney, and dank notes. Does anyone have experience using hop extracts or oils that would provide these strong scents in a finished soap?

I have some gesho kitel powder that is supposed to be an aroma powder, but I don't think this would survive and would probably turn the soap a brown color.

What is an aroma powder? Is it like an aroma chemical? I'm afraid I don't have any insight, I have just not heard of them and am always interested in learning more. I have recently become interested in AC's but not yet started using them, I have not been soaping and they are just a big/huge new area for experimentation. Not even research - I have tried - there is just not that much out there about using them in soap for non-professional experimenters.
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I used hop CO2 - or tried to - in a hot-process shave soap, added well after the cook when the soap was below 160 degrees. Not a whiff of it in the finished pucks. Very disappointing, not to mention expensive. I have the same idea, and if it worked it would be amazing, so please let me know if you figure anything out.
Thank you for the quick replies! This Ethiopian powder is sold for brewing that lends a hop aroma. I thought maybe make a tea or something, but I can't see any aroma surviving in the finished product.

I just priced out the co2 hop oils. I'm sorry to hear they didn't work out, but glad I hadn't purchased them.

Hey not_ally, what are AC's?

I think I figured it after I asked. Aroma chemicals?
Yes, that is it. I was just wondering if that was the same thing that you were thinking about adding. I bought some and had some given to me b/c I wanted to tweak existing FO's. Anyway, have officially entered meandering territory here, sorry if I derailed

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