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Feb 23, 2020
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Macon, Ga
Hello everyone! I’m new to this soap making and diy world. I took an interest into soap making from Herb’nEden using their natural products and got curious. Went to YouTube and saw a few soap makers I liked Uncle Jon’s, SoapQueen (bramble Berry), Thermal Mermaid, and Royal Apple Berry just to name a few. Watching these soap makers just pushed me over the edge to start making my own. Also since I used to live a healthy lifestyle a while ago but I’m trying to get back into it....why not go natural with my usage of bath and body products. B.T.E isn’t just my screen name but my future business and legacy. In the mean time I’m here to learn and grow with this community!

Thank you for reading,

p.s. there is also another BTE member joining as well.