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Apr 7, 2008
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I'm Ang and new to soap making. I'm addicted to all things crafty. I sew, make recycled magazine frames, wreaths, magnets, and pretty much anything I see that I like I give it a go.

My nine year old has eczema pretty decently and it is getting to the stage where you can really see it and buying 12 dollar tiny bottles of soap is driving me insane. He also has CF and we pay for his meds out of pocket so I'm always looking for something to help out with the expense of it all. I'm doing a craft fair this fall and wanted to add some things in so that paired with his bad skin makes soap seem like a great idea.

Honestly I haven't tried yet because I am so paranoid about using lye and all the horror stories I've heard. I'm slowly gaining the courage to try. If you add in the fact that I'm a perfectionist and am nervous my soap is going to suck and discourage me and it is taking me forever. :shock:

I've been lurking and everyone here seems so kind and helpful I figured I'd join in. Some other forums I've sort of gotten the blow off since I'm new to soap making so I'm a little nervous.

Hope to get to know you all and offer any advice I can when I finally learn some things.



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Jan 10, 2008
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Hellooooo! and welcome to the forum! lye is ok to use as long as your careful (keep some vinegar onhand for emergencies and the poison control center # on your fridge!!)

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