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Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO
My display consists of three 6ft tables in a U-shape with the open part of the U on the inside
:thumbs: :thumbs: My wholesale customers in Mobile, 2 ladies, set up like this.
I got my banner from Vistaprint and it’s still great after several years!
They also got their banner(s) from Vistaprint, for FREE after first getting their FREE business cards from them, ordering more year after year and thus qualifying for more offers on all kinds of stuff at a disicount or for free.
I also have clear shower curtains from the dollar store to cover my tables/products in the event of rain.
:thumbs::thumbs:Brilliant! All of your set-up tips are great but this one is exceptional!
Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
One other thing to check on with insurance is to see if the underwriter charges to add on additional insured. Many of the markets I attended even my weekly markets required they be as an additional insured party and some companies charge extra to add on additional insured or limit how many you can add on. Since I did numerous markets and up to 5 per week I had to be careful and the Guild underwriter did not charge extra no matter how many I added to my policy. In fact, most of my markets required such and I had to produce the policy with them named.

ETA: I just read through some of the FAQ's on the Handmade Insurance site and they do not charge or limit additional insured on policies so that is good.

OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!
If you use telescoping tables such as you can buy from Sams or Costco you 2x4' you gain height and more real estate. I think I recently posted some pics on another thread with a partial set up of mine. I could get a min of 6 tables and up to 10 in my 10x10 booth space at my weekly markets. Granted these were long time attended markets and I was know to fudge a tad with the 10 tables. But 6 worked well. I used to buy these tableclothes in black, just make sure your tableclothes go to the ground, you do not want crates to show. The ones I am posting will hang over the edge since they are a bit wide for some tables but I just let them hang over the back of the tables. Looks like supplies are quite limited where I purchased mine. 4FT Ivory Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover You absolutely do not want your crates showing under your tables, it looks very tacky...
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