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Not to mention some tins will discolor from the high pH of soap and can rust. All that as well as a better chance of DOS. Doesn't sound too appealing!

Just a thought --

Could the "tins" be made of aluminum? If so, that might work fine. Aluminum is not likely to cause DOS compared to metals like copper or iron, and it doesn't rust. I keep my travel soap in an old WWII surplus aluminum "tin." Have done so for years. The soap stays in the tin full time until it's used up -- I don't take it out between trips. No problems so far.
I used to sell my shampoo bars in tins. I've sold my dog shampoo bar in tins for god knows how many years now.... never had any rust or DOS. Just got around to ordering more so I can get them in before the snow makes deliveries difficult!
Aunty Clara sells travel soap in tins but they are wrapped in paper first. Don’t know if the tins are aluminium or not.

Problem with selling is that you have to assume the customer might not keep your product in the perfect conditions but no matter where or how long they keep it they will probably still blame the seller if the soap or the packaging goes bad.
Thanks for all of your responses! I had no idea you could use aluminum safely. That's good to know, there are some nice options out there for tins. I'll have to check and see if they are aluminum. :)
I have used tins for my sampler packages. Since I pack the tin last-minutes, and use colored paper shreds on the bottom, I have never had an issue. I also recently found one when cleaning out my soap room, that was packed about 2 years ago. There was no rushing or discoloration at all. Please note, however, that the soaps in the tin had been well-cured first.
Found this: Tinplate: Why it doesn't rust. ... Rust is iron oxide, the corrosion product of iron when exposed to the oxygen in the air. Tin is not iron, so you cannot produce iron oxide from the corrosion of tin. Because the layer of tin on the surface of the steel prevents atmospheric oxygen and moisture from contacting the steel. So I think it's fairly safe to say that storing soap in a tin without wrapping it is fine.
Keep in mind the layer of tin is very thin, so it isn't "for the ages" kind of thing. Tin-plated steel will eventually rust, given time and moisture. The thickness of plating can vary, so one "tin" might be fine for years and another will rust within months. If you find a supplier with tins that work well, don't assume another supplier's tins will perform the same.
I doubt that there are that many manufacturers of this sort of thing.... many years ago (2012) I used one of my dog shampoo bars and then placed it back in the tin for storage. I was curious about rust so dated the label. I just checked the inside of it today and the tin is still rust-free. It appears as if you can purchase 4 oz. aluminum containers on Amazon for just about a buck a piece which is actually a little cheaper than the tin-plated ones I purchased the other day with shipping.