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Jan 6, 2019
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I put my 1/2 moon molds in the oven. It all came out fine, just don't think they even jelled. Not doing that again. Set the oven to 200 (lowest it will go), turned it off and put the soap in and left it over night. The SL helped with the removal, easy really. Didn't even need to freeze it before unmolding. After making soap for so many years, you'd think I knew what the heck I'm doing. Nooo, my memory doesn't serve me at all, cuz it's just not there LOL. I've got to research each time I make soap. I'm going to get a notebook with everything I research each time so I can just go to it. With such things as how much SG & SL to add. Those are my only additives other than color and scent. Ok, off to think more about what soap I'm going to make tonight in my 1/2 moon mold. Perhaps the same as the soap I made last night, only scented with a Lavender/Yuzu combination. Wish me luck LOL