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Feb 13, 2022
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Hello everyone,

In the eternal words of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, I'm just a girl, standing in front of a whole forum of experts, asking them to critique her recipe. Yes she did say that, you know yourselves.
As I'm both palm-free and vegan, this limits the possibilities to increase longevity in my recipes. After careful reading and extensive testing, I "think" I have my recipe.

Olive Oil 34% (standard OO, the pomace I have access to traces really fast. As in, "a couple of turns with a spatula and it's there" fast)
Soy Wax 20%
Coconut Oil 19%
Shea Butter 15%
Cocoa Butter 7%
Castor Oil 5%

Superfat 5%

33% lye concentration, with 25% of the water amount replaced by coconut milk (milk in oil, lye solution made with distilled water only).

I'm also thinking 1tsp ppo of sugar for the bubbles, and the same quantity of oat flour.

What do y'all think about it?

Edit: I have tried (and liked) it, curious to see if anything that can be improved upon jumps to the eyes of the more experienced peeps in here :)

Thank you!
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Your recipe looks worth making a small batch
to see if you like your combination :thumbs:
Thanks for taking the time to reply @Marsi . I should have mentioned I have tried and liked it, but nothing is ever perfect in this world so I am curious to know what other people much more experienced than me think of it as feedback is always good to take!
Editing now to specify that I did try and liked it.
It looks good! Speaking as a palm-free and vegan soaper myself, it should perform pretty well. My only tip ( and it's just opinion) is that I wouldn't throw a whole lotta stuff into one batch. I'd try them all separately - coconut milk in one. sugar in another, oatmeal in another, etc. Then you can see which additives you like.
Thanks @KiwiMoose ! I do love the combined effect to the milk and oatmeal, but felt that with the CO itself not being very high the sugar did help in getting more bubbling action (it might also have very well been just myself convincing me of this, to be honest!)
I like your thinking @KiwiMoose !
@Mobjack Bay Thanks! It's NatureWax C3. I know GoldenWax 415 is the one that's recommended but it's impossible to find on our side of the Atlantic. Eurosoy 800 is not a workable option when adding import costs (they're in the UK and, well, Brexit). I can have easy access to 464 and 494 though